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Yin Yoga & Gong Bath

Join Pauline Mccrann and Alex Belcourt for a journey through yoga and sound.

Yin Yoga involves long, slow holds of floor postures which stimulate the connective tissues in the body untying knots of tension and ultimately relieving physical and mental stress. As you rest into a relaxed, reclining resting position after the practice the sounds of singing bowls will start to begin, and a gong is gently invited to start sounding, gradually building a myriad of harmonics.

The Gong has been used for thousands of years to rebalance and tone the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and when played with sensitivity is very powerful for relieving stress, for relaxation, and fatigue, along with many other conditions in our busy lives, which can often lead to the lack of balance and harmony in the body.

You do not need to have any prior experience of either yin yoga or sound healing to participate in this workshop. The yoga and sound bath will take approximately 2 hours and there will be time for meditation and reflection afterwards. Please feel free to bring a journal. Comfortable clothing can be worn and while blankets, mats and props are all supplied by the studio, you are welcome to bring your own.

Pauline McCrann has worked with sound as a sonographer in the medical field for over thirty years. In the past fifteen years her growing fascination, and research into using pure sound for healing on all levels, has become her prime interest.

Alex Belcourt has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and completed her advanced Yoga Training at the Insight Yoga Institute in San Francisco in 2013. She offers trainings, workshops, retreats and specialised classes and is based in Cheltenham.
Cost: £35
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"Of all the sensory organs, the ears provide the most immediate connection to the subtle body. While the eyes have the greatest impact on the brain, sound is more ephemeral and its resonance is said to awaken pure consciousness by vibration through the nāḍīs (channels).
Connecting to divine sound through the subtle body is known as "śabda-Brahman" which means "the sound of the creator". One could say that a journey through sound is the journey to your innermost spirit. If you're curious, do join us" - Alex