Worcester Yoga Workshops

Whether you wish to learn to confidently stand on your head, immerse yourself in the roots of yoga or simply enjoy a morning out with a difference, we have some fabulous workshops lined up with our own team  &  guest teachers.

Venue for all workshops is redkiteyoga's beautiful & spacious pop up yoga studio near Worcester.


Backbend Masterclass with Sound Experience

Sun 11 Sep




Tracy, fresh from a rocket yoga retreat, will lead  a rocket inspired flow practice focusing on the backbend group of postures. The 1.5 hour practice will include how to safely warm up, smaller backbends leading up to a peak pose, other complemtary poses to support backbends and how to approach safely & effectively. 

Followed by sound experience including gongs and percussive instruments. 

A great value workshop as tea and raw chocolate will also be served.

Suitable for all levels.


Inversions & arm balances

Sat 1st Oct

9:30am-12 noon



This uplifting workshop will help you discover everything you need to know to turn your practice upside down.  We have all experienced finding balance when you are upright can be tricky but it's an entirely different ball game when your whole body and perspective is upside down. 

Discover how to prepare mind and body for both the simple and challenging inversions such as shoulderstand, headstand,  handstand, crow and other arm balances.

This workshop will give you guidance, confidence and tools to take back to your home practice and into class.

Suitable for those with minimum several months practice with good body awareness.



Yoga adjustments

Sun 20th November




In November, a chance to really dig into your poses with an adjustments workshop. This is ideal for yoga teacher trainees. It will also help beginners and intermediates to understand, see and feel the postures more. Ideal for developing a home practice or going a bit deeper in class.

After starting with a yoga practice to warm up and learn how to self adjust, poses will be broken down to learn how to safely and confidently adjust others. There will be opportunity to take notes and photos, have your postures adjusted and practice what you have learnt.

Even if you are not that into adjustments, spending time on them can really give you insight into your own practice. 

Includes a refreshment break. For all levels.

If you book this workshop, you can bring a friend for free - just book and pay for yourself, then bring your pal along. No need to book for them.

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'3-4 Hour workshop' credit £40 for November Safe and Confident Yoga adjustments