Yoga classes Worcester

The Spetchley Studio:

Our classes are held at Spetchley Park Gardens, a beautiful country estate near Worcester in a converted former barn, with high ceilings and plenty of space.

There is free parking, plus toilets & changing areas. We provide a good range of yoga equipment for you to use.


The Willmott Room, Spetchley Park Gardens, Spetchley, Worcestershire. WR5 1RS

Directions & Parking:

Enter the estate through an open white gate in a stone wall. This entrance is actually marked, 'Private - Deliveries Only', but is the one you need. (There is a small redkiteyoga sign on the opposite side of the road pointing towards this entrance).  Bear right and after a few moments you will see a gravel courtyard on your right, known as the Stable Yard, where the yoga studio is located. From here parking arrangements will depend on the time of day - please follow the instructions below.

Parking for weekday and weekend classes

Students attending redkiteyoga for daytime and weekend classes are asked to park in the front field opposite the entrance to the house. To access the front field ,continue to drive past the Stable Yard gravel courtyard on your right and you will see the church to the right and the house on the left as you follow the bend in the road. You will see a black iron fence and gate ahead, which gives you access to the field. Please park in the field on the other side of the iron fence then make your way back towards the Stable Yard on foot, closing the gate behind you.

Parking for weekday evening classes starting after 5:30pm

For weekday evening classes starting after 5:30pm please park in the Stable Yard gravel courtyard in front of the yoga studio.

On your way to the studio please observe the 5 mph speed limit as the gardens are enjoyed by many including children, dogs and older people.

The Parks & Gardens are privately owned and respect for private residences is appreciated. If you would like to visit the gardens before or after your class, please drive up and  park by the Welcome Centre and pay admission for entrance.

Thank you & enjoy your class :)



For further help, please email

Office Hours Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm