Yoga in Worcestershire

redkiteyoga launched in 2010 and has been sharing yoga across the Worcestershire countryside ever since. We're immensely proud of all we've achieved from introducing yoga to hundreds of beginners to training future teachers.  

However, in June 2018 we are on the move as our founder, Kate is relocating.  May 2018 is redkiteyoga's last month in Worcestershire.  We've written to our members, if this includes you and you have not received a newsletter, please email for details. 

Please continue to come along  & enjoy. We are running our full timetable up to and including Thursday 31st May.

Beginners Yoga Worcestershire

If you are new to this site and are considering visiting us for the first time, then please still do. We're known for our warm welcome and our two week new student pass will be available to purchase until 17 May - giving you chance to try as many classes as you like in two weeks, for £20. We'd be delighted to give you a great start on your yoga journey

For general queries, please email

For queries about redkiteyoga moving please email

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